Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lambs! Ewes! Caddies & Henry!

Daisy and her new twins lambs

It's that time of year that where ever you look you can help but say "Awe...your so cute". Yes, it's lambing time and the weather has been pretty good so far. Daisy above was one of our first caddies from 2007. A caddy is a bottle feed lamb that has been separated from the mother. Below is Daisy again but as a lamb.
Violet,  Black Eyed Susan, Henry & Daisy - April 2007

Harry & Henry - April 2008

Midnight & Henry - 2009 - one of Jimmy's lambs that Henry named.

Pipit - April 2010

Jimmy's Ewe & new Lamb 2011

Daisy and twins - 2011

Black Eyed Susan & Lamb - 2011 - Caddy 2007

Black eyed Susan and her twin lambs. 2011

Henry & Emily - 2010

awe.... so cute.


  1. Oh so cute - I remember when I was little growing up on a croft in Aberdeenshire having caddie lambs. I had one which followed me everywhere along with the cat and the dog we had at the time. Cant for the life of me remeber what I called it.

  2. Just returned from a week in Unst, and I miss all my lambs & ewes, as I was a solo traveler on foot most of the time. I had my favorites indeed!