Friday, April 29, 2011

Trip around the isle with "The Swan" plus a Scoter

The Swan in the North Haven

The history of the swan

The swan under sail, c.1902

The Fifie swan lk243 was launched in May 1900 at Hay and Company’s yard in Lerwick. She was regarded as “one of the finest fishing boats afloat in the North of Scotland”. But by the Fifies’ days were numbered - steam drifters were already beginning to push sail boats out of business.

here is a link for more info...

Sheep Rock

Yours Truley

You can see through the caves from here!

Dave and his home... the South Lighthouse

South Harbour

South Lighthouse

Puffins of plenty

Gannet breeding colony - Kirk Stack

North Lighthouse and fog horn.

Henry Spotted this Common Scoter as we came back into the North Haven pier. Well Done!

Thank You Swan & Crew!

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