Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Isle at Sunset, Birds & Sheep

Dunlin - I think that's a first for the year.

You know the Great Skuas are back when you start finding dead Auks on the beach. Guillemot (bridled)

 In the Garden and around the Auld Haa.
Blackcap eating apple - female

3 birds in the garden?

What a sweet heart!

Jimmy's Rams

Pipit? I need help? maybe Tree Pipit?
1st winter Red- Throated? seems it's the wrong time of the year for that? or just a pale Meadow Pipit?


Strange...  White Wagtail with chocolate brown wings?
Wagtails have so many variations but never seen this before? more help needed?

A new Repoll Showed up on the feeder today.

I'm trying to read the ring numbers from the window? but it's not easy! last two #s 1-3?

The Redpoll sat quite snug all evening after a day defending the feeder from the Twite.
Stunning as this was it did not allow anymore views of the ring numbers, maybe tomorrow!

I was preparing and repairing the Fair Isle Lighthouse Keeper's Golf Course.
The equipment quite weather beaten from last year. I need donations for replacements?
watching the sunset together... Priceless

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