Friday, April 22, 2011

3 Brambling at the Feeder

Brambling - male
Today's bird entertainment was mostly due to the 3 stunning male Brambling.
They fed all day in and out of the window box. 

a long shadow.

Just gorgeous!

The Twite are a regular at my niger seed feeder.

This female Siskin was also enjoying the feeder today.
It's always nice to see redpoles at the feeder and there have been a few around lately.

I've seen Brambling on my bird table, but...
I've never  seen this before?

the black back.

That is saying a mouth full.

Sunflower seed on a sunny day as the light fades!

I did see a few warblers in to garden today. but at Setter I saw 4 at once... 2 Chiffchaff a female Blackcap and a Willow Warbler all buzzing aroud together.

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  1. Wow some great images you have there! Makes me all nostalgic and makes me think about moving back to Scotland! Good to see such a variety of birds all in one place.